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Disclosure Notice concerning Personal Data Processed

When You Visit Our Website 


Data Controller: SUZ Ayakkabı Aksesuar ve Pazarlama San Tic A.Ş.

Contact Information:

Company Name: SUZ Ayakkabı Aksesuar ve Pazarlama San Tic A.Ş.
Central Registration System (MERSIS) Number:
Address: Kuruçeşme Mah. Çınarlıçeşme Sok No:4-1 Beşiktaş / Istanbul
Phone: +90212 522 22 82

This disclosure notice is issued by SUZ Ayakkabı Aksesuar ve Pazarlama San Tic A.Ş. as a data controller pursuant to Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No: 6698 (“LPPD”), and the ‘Communiqué on Rules and Procedures to be Observed for Fulfilment of the Obligation to Inform’.


Your personal data to be processed in case you visit our website are as follows:


Data Categories

Data Types

Transaction Security Data

You website entry and exit times, your IP number, your traffic data



To comply with legal obligations as defined and mandatorily required under applicable regulations, and provide any information required to be made available in connection with requests and audits of regulatory and supervisory bodies and official authorities, your personal data can be processed for following purposes: 


-    enable business units to perform relevant studies and carry out relevant business processes to ensure that data subjects can benefit from the services provided by our Company,

-    enable relevant business units to perform relevant studies and carry out relevant business processes in connection with commercial activities carried out by our Company,

-    plan and implement commercial and/or business strategies of our Company,

-    ensure legal, technical and commercial/business security of our Company and the data subjects who have business relationship with us,

-    plan and implement activities required to recommend and introduce to data subjects the services provided by our Company that are personalized according to interests, habits of use, and needs of data subjects,  

Such personal data are processed automatically based on the legal grounds: “expressly required under law” and “required for enabling the data controller to fulfil its legal obligations” as defined under Article 5 of LPPD; and will only be disclosed to competent authorities and institutions, and judicial authorities in connection with legal disputes.


Should you have any requests pursuant to Article 11 of the “Communiqué on Rules and Procedures for Applications to the Data Controller” which regulates rights of the data subject, you can communicate such requests to us by sending a letter to Kuruçeşme Mah. Çınarlıçeşme Sok No:4-1 Beşiktaş / Istanbul, or an e-mail to


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